About Us

We are the Surf-Magic team, drawn into the world of flying above the water. Our goal is to give you unforgettable moments on the water and above!
With us you can learn the basics of e-foil and OneWheel riding under the guidance of experienced instructors.
Not just rent and shop, but a whole quest to conquer the freedom of foiling.

minutes of extreme
minutes of adrenaline

Immerse yourself in the magic of foiling!

Feel the magic on the water with e-foil and on land with OneWheel. Book your course now!

Why us?

Experience the magic of foiling with our unique offers and professional instructors.


Immerse yourself in a world of magic and extreme sports on the water.


Our instructors are professionals in their field.


We attach great importance to the safety of our customers.


Exclusive courses and individual approach to each client.


Feel the adrenaline rush while riding on the water.


Enjoy a fun and unforgettable foiling experience.

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